SeaWorld San Diego: Renkus-Heinz TRX151/TRC151

A Renkus-Heinz installation near the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s a look at a distributed Renkus-Heinz TRX151 (or TRC151) loudspeaker system used at the nighttime show Cirque Electrique at SeaWorld San Diego. Hung underneath lighting poles scattered across the seating area, this Renkus-Heinz system is located near the Pacific Ocean and is subject to harsh environmental conditions.

Given the age of the show and the visual appearances of the cabinets, these speakers may be the TRX151 or the older TRC151. We’ll include both for good measure.

Equipment list:

  • Renkus-Heinz TRX151 or the TRC151

This photo was taken on September 2, 2017 in San Diego, California.