The Beatles Love at Mirage: Meyer Sound, Danley Sound Labs, JBL

A snapshot of what’s embedded in the ceiling of Cirque du Soleil’s Love.

A massive installation, here’s a shot of the technology embedded in the ceiling at Cirque du Soleil’s Love. A show that’s held in-the-round, Love features a multi-channel audio system composed mainly of Meyer Sound speakers. Several pictured cabinets include Meyer Sound M1Ds, 900-LFCs, PSW-2s, CQ-1s and CQ-2s. Down-firing Danley Sound Labs TH115 subwoofers are also used for low frequency support.

If you look closely, you can also see a handful of speakers from JBL’s Concert Series, which are used for the LCS’ Variable Room Acoustics System. This system allows engineers to impact the theater’s acoustics with audio processing using a combination of microphones and speakers.

Equipment list:

  • Meyer Sound M1D
  • Meyer Sound CQ-1/2
  • Meyer Sound 900-LFC
  • Meyer Sound PSW-2
  • Danley Sound Labs TH115
  • JBL Concert Series

This photo was taken in Las Vegas on March 31, 2018.