Disney California Adventure: Meyer Sound UPA-1P

Meyer Sound UPA-1P acting as fill speakers at World of Color.

Pictured are three Meyer Sound UPA-1Ps mounted on a telescoping mast for World of Color, a nighttime show at Disney California Adventure. These serve as fill speakers as part of a larger system composed mainly of Meyer Sound M’elodies and 600-HPs.

These speakers also feature Meyer Sound’s weather protection, which includes a more robust grille, stainless steel fasteners on the box and a rain hood at the back to protect the input panel. Since the show features the heavy use of large mist screens and fountains, the equipment does have the tendency to get wet.

Do note the thick VEAM cable from each box, which combine power, signal and a remote monitoring system signal in one large weather-rated connection to a central distribution box on each mast.

Equipment list:

  • Meyer Sound UPA-1P

This photo was taken on February 17, 2018 in Anaheim, California.