Mail Bag: Claypaky Spheriscans at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

This week’s Mail Bag submission comes from Alden on Instagram, who recently took a shot of an installation of Claypaky Spheriscans at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Mail Bag: Claypaky Spheriscans at Happily Ever After the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

For those who aren’t familiar with this fixture, the Spheriscan is the newest scanner from Claypaky. Featuring a mirror that can rotate a full 360 degrees and an IP54 enclosure, the fixture has slowly crept up at several Disney installations, including Fantasmic!.

Judging from this photo, I’m assuming this array is installed near Cinderella Castle. If I were to go out on a limb, I’d also say this was installed for their newest nighttime spectacular Happily Ever After.

I’m not sure about you, but these fixtures always look deceptively small in photos. After seeing one first-hand, these are seriously beefy scanners that seem to be perfectly suited for theme park operation. Even after all these years, the mechanical mechanisms in scanners seem to be better suited for daily operation compared to most moving heads. I’ve heard reports that these aren’t as bright as their moving-head counterparts, but the sheer speed of the mirror (and the fixture’s weather resistance) should make it a unique entry for lighting designers.

Thanks for the photo, Alden!