Video: Sound Design: Dolphin Days at SeaWorld San Diego

In this video, I take a look at a sound installation at the Dolphin Days show at SeaWorld San Diego. This installation features a large body of salt water, with four Meyer Sound M’elodie arrays featuring eight elements per array, two Meyer Sound UPA-1Ps positioned towards the main stage as monitors for the trainers, and two UPA-1Ps positioned on either side as fills. In addition, a stack of two 700-HP subwoofers flank either side of the lagoon for low frequency reinforcement.

The system is primarily used for playback and vocal reinforcement, and for that application, this system works incredibly well. The sun in San Diego can be especially brutal, and I’m surprised to see the boxes still holding up. That, coupled with the salt water below, and you have a corrosive environment for audio.

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