Welcome to Inside Audio and Lighting

Hello, and welcome to Inside Audio and Lighting.

This is a new website dedicated to the art of intelligent lighting and professional audio, primarily – though not exclusively – at theme parks around the world. While most people associate theme parks with cheap thrills, coasters, and overpriced food, a few notable locations feature some of the most sophisticated audio and lighting installations in the world. In some cases, these installations have the ability to move the industry forward, introducing new ways of storytelling that go beyond our wildest dreams.

In order to showcase these installations, I hope to share my photos and thoughts from my travels to theme parks in the United States and Asia. You can already follow Inside Audio and Lighting (IAL) on Instagram here, but I hope to use this website to expound upon some notable installations with some third-party observations. This may include some weekly posts with some backstory on an installation, or a feature detailing some of the puzzle pieces that go into making a nighttime spectacular. Whatever catches my interest will appear on this website.

Who am I?

Aside from owning a few speakers, I’m currently not involved in the industry, nor do I have any extensive industry experience or knowledge.

That being said, I am able to gather bits of information to get a basic idea of how things work, and how technology is integrated to create a show or experience. Because much of this information is kept behind-the-scenes, most of the posts here will be based on my personal observations. If you have information on an installation featured on this website, or you have correction or concern, please keep in touch. I have a lot of enthusiasm for the field, but this doesn’t substitute industry experience, and your input is invaluable towards ensuring that this website is as accurate as possible.

What does this site hope to cover?

Theme parks! Because I’m based in Los Angeles, California, many of the articles will be coming from notable theme parks in the Southern California region, along with some parks in Asia. I have a personal preference for the Disneyland Resort, but I hope to get photos of other notable theme parks as well.

I also hope to take a look at theaters and performing arts centers, but because these venues have restrictions on photography, most of the content here will focus on the theme park industry. I’m always open to recommendations, but please keep this in mind – most theaters cringe at the sight of a camera.

Anyhow, that’s enough explanation for today. Welcome to IAL, and thanks for following me along. If you have any comments, do keep in touch.

Current gear list:

I currently own the following speakers, divided into two systems:

System one

  • Two Meyer Sound UPA-2Ps
  • One Meyer Sound 500-HP

System two

  • Two Meyer Sound MM-4XPs
  • One Meyer Sound MM-10ACX
  • One Meyer Sound UMS-1P

I also own a few JBL Control series loudspeakers (23s, 29AV-1s, a SB210 and a NOW) along with a JBL CBT 70J-1. At this point, I don’t own any lighting fixtures, but I’d like to have a Claypaky Sharpy!